A Bollywood Dream
Series 03, Episode 04
Air Date 31 March 2006
Mark(s) Kulvinder Samar
Writer Danny Brown
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A Bollywood Dream was the fourth episode of the third series which aired on March 31st 2006.

Synopsis Edit

The crew attempt to set up Kulvinder Samar, a harsh sweatshop owner, by using a movie-investor con in a Bollywood film.

Their usual flawless set up is too perfect, as things take a turn for the worse, particularly when the mark develops amnesia and apparently has a change of heart.

Full Plot Edit

Harold (played by Renu Setna), an old friend of Albert, summons the crew to take revenge on Kulvinda Samar (played by Silas Carson, a greedy sweatshop owner who's caused pain and suffering to Harold's sisters and the Asian community for many years. Samar is an ardent fan of Bollywood films - a perfect target for a classic movie investor con.

Although the gang's knowledge of Bollywood is limited, they decide on a con based around them, which, as always, must be perfect. Producer Gerard Bruce (Mickey) is making a Bollywood film aimed at the western market with a British cast - but regular film investor, Harry Kaplan (Albert) is out of his depth and knows nothing about Bollywood, so convinces Samar to invest in his place. Thrilled at the prospect of turning his dreams into reality, Samar agrees to the investment on condition he visits the set and meets the stars of the film, including the lead actress (Stacie) and director (Ash). As perfectionist Samar mulls over this amazing offer, he figures it's too good to be true.

He's announces he's realised that it's a con. This revelation surprises his chauffeur (Danny) so much that he crashes. At the hospital, Danny explains that Samar rumbled them because they were too perfect. The con is off - until Albert discovers that Samar has amnesia. The crew decides that such a vulgar character deserves to be conned again - but with a little less perfection. As they replay the con, they're baffled by Samar's apparent change in nature - he's no longer cruel or arrogant. Their grifter sense tells them to walk away; but is Samar just playing them at their own game?

Trivia and notes Edit

  • This episode demonstrates one of the most important parts of the grifter's code: "You can't cheat an honest man". The team consider walking away after seeing how the mark has become a better person and eventually do.