Albert Stroller
Aliases Albie
Occupation Grifter
Series information
First Seen The Con is On
Episode count 42+
Portrayer Robert Vaughn
Often reffered to as 'Albe' (By Stacie and Danny), 

Albert is a member of a crew of grifters. He is the group roper; his role is to identify people as targets ("marks") and lead them to the inside-man.

For this veteran of the game, who mentors everyone from Mickey to Danny, it's all in the details, the style, the look, and the attitude. He is regarded almost as a father figure. He fled from the United States in the 1970s. Originally he was a shoe salesman in the midwest until the work-force was laid off. To secure a decent redundancy package, Albert conned the company out of $60,000 and shared it amongst his former co-workers. Reputedly he enjoyed the experience so much that he became a grifter and moved to Las Vegas to work the marks there.

He went there because as he puts it "There are more marks per square mile in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world". He would work the marks during the day and then he would work the casinos at night. However, soon all the casinos became wise to the grifters in town and banned them from even entering the casino. Every time he tried entering a casino, the security chucked him out so he left for the UK shortly afterwards. One of his partners-in-crime in Las Vegas was Joey Pepper, and together they would work the Shoe-switch scam. However, Joey was once caught doing the switch and was almost killed by the Casino security.

He was "out-grifted" once by Victor Maher, before joining with Mickey Bricks and the rest of the crew, although he had spoken about Maher to Mickey before Maher turns up in Cops and Robbers trying to out-grift Mickey.

He cannot go to Indonesia as he sold the air force some fighter jets in the '70s, and they still haven't arrived

Stroller is an habitual gambler; he is also an habitual card cheat. These two habits combined have proven to be a weakness, and during the first season he was hospitalized after receiving a severe beating after being caught cheating by a casino owner. During the second season, he briefly dealt with a bout of depression after the death of a close friend caused him to question his own lifestyle. In the fifth season premiere, it was revealed that Albert was serving two years in prison for cheating in a casino, but he stated that he was actually enjoying the rest, and set Mickey and Ash up with new team members Emma and Sean Kennedy (Albeit by setting them up so that each duo thought they were conning the other as a mark), subsequently being released several months early on parole for good behaviour after the team manipulated a judge into thinking Albert knew the location of a lost treasure, while Albert himself conned an unsympathetic member of the parole board into releasing him.

Albert's great-grandfather, Charlie Stroller, was an occasional gambler who was thrown out of a steamboat casino owned by the now-infamous Wendell family for cheating, but Albert insists that his great-grandfather wasn't a cheat according to the tales he has heard from his grandmother. To redeem his great-grandfather's honour, Albert led the group to challenge Marcus Wendell, the current Wendell, in a casino game to redeem his great-grandfather's name, simultaneously revealing to Wendell that his ancestors had actually been the cheats while Charlie had simply discovered the truth about their deception and tried to use it for himself.

In the last episode of Season Seven, Albert is reunited with an old lover, Susan, who reveals that he has a daughter, Kathleen, Susan having kept her away from Albert because she didn't feel that his lifestyle was suitable for a child and recognising that Albert would never have been able to live a normal life.

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