Sir Anthony Reeve was the CEO of one of the major utility companies. After some bad management decisions he was dismissed, but with a golden handshake of £500,000. The crew con him out of his money by tempting him with his two guilty pleasures- horse racing and prostitutes- using a con devised by Danny, inspired by the movie The Sting. By setting up a fake betting shop, they convinced Reeve that 'Yvonne' had a contact in the horse-races that could tell her which horses were going to win which races (In reality they simply delayed the transmission of a few races onto the television screens in the fake shop so that Reeve thought they had advance knowledge).

Having convinced Reeve of their legitimacy by allowing him to win a small bet- subsequently just missing out on placing another bet by preventing him from reaching the counter after he was given his 'tip'-, they claimed that the shop was going to be shut down, and that Yvonne would only risk exposure for a bet of £500 000 or over. As a result, Danny and Stacie tricked Reeve into betting all of his money on a specific horse winning, only to claim- after the bet had been placed but before the race had finished- that the bet should have been for the horse in question to place, as it would actually come third in the race. His money lost and photographs having apparently witnessed his defeat, Reeve fled from the betting shop, completely ignorant of the fact that he had been conned.