Ash Morgan
Aliases Three socks
Occupation Grifter
Series information
First Seen The Con is On
Episode count 42+
Portrayer Robert Glenister
Terri Hodges: "Ashley Morgan. Colloquially known as Ash, or "three socks"."
DePalma: "Three socks?"
Terri Hodges: "He got that name in prison, after his first visit to the shower block."
— Cops discus Ash in The Con is On )

Ashley Morgan, known as Ash to his own crew and “Three Socks” Morgan to the wider grifting circle. The nickname “Three-socks” originating from his first trip to the showers while in prison. His term and sentence are unknown, though in episode 3 of series 5 he reveals he was sentenced to 18 months following a short-con 'The Flop' (explained later on) he pulled on an insurance broker that went wrong. It is unknown whether this is the period in which he received the nick-name.

Ash is the team’s fixer. He specializes in enabling the team to pull off the cons. Ash is the master of all things technical, he can hack CCTV, security systems and build websites to convince marks of the legitimacy of any fake business they need to create, his only failure being their attempt to bypass an impossible anti-theft system in New Recruits that would set off alarms if they attempted to move a painting. The team also rely on him and his vast number of contacts within the grifter community to supply them with anything they need, from fake IDs and forged items to cop cars and hotel rooms. If the crew need it, Ash will get it. In series four, the gang needed £30,000 worth in Rubles in order to con a caviar shop owner. The mark was having trouble getting that amount of Rubles anywhere, whereas Ash managed to get hold of them in a very short period of time and felt insulted that Danny even asked if it could be done in the time frame.

It was revealed in a recent episode that Ash was actually one of two candidates for Mickey's team Fixer, the other one being a notorious grifter called Benny. However, although Benny was the more skilled grifter overall, capable of playing multiple roles such as the roper or the fixer, Mickey chose Ash in the end because he concluded that Ash was the better man, Benny being more of a solo operative while Ash was a better team player who could be counted on to keep his word.

Although his age gives the impression that he is the second-most-experienced member of the team, Albert being the first, Ash has stated more than once that he is not interested in leadership of the group, recognising his niche as the technical expert and remaining within that area even on such occasions as the group's vote for a new leader during Mickey's absence in series four, Danny taking the job instead; even when he was temporarily put in charge as the result of a card draw when Mickey was suffering a run of bad luck, he tended to subtly rely on Mickey for inspiration rather than exclusively coming up with his own idea.

Since the beginning of Season Five, Ash has become a mentor figure to new gang member Sean Kennedy, often advising Sean on various short-con tricks such as pick-pocketing.

When Mickey was in jail Ash ran short cons. Using a skull fracture he obtained in a bar room brawl 10 years before the start of Season One to play a con known as "The Flop". He waits on the pavement (after covering himself with a padded coat to avoid actual injury) for a driver that's not paying attention to the road, steps in front of the car, gets hit and acts badly injured. When he gets to the hospital, the x-ray shows the fracture and the insurance pays out. His ex-wife, June, also used to do this con but due to all that time being hit by cars she has suffered brain damage. Ash gives a lot of his earnings to funding her treatment. When the gang heard about this they decided to all contribute to her medical expenses. He gives his date of birth as 21st July 1960.

During the con in "The Fall of Railton FC", Ash suffered an injury to the frontal lobe and subsequently suffered from "Cruetzman Belling Syndrome", leaving Ash with an inability to lie- an obvious problem for the con! However, the con goes to plan and the team are able to just pull it off, with Ash answering the mark's questions honestly but in a tone of voice that suggested that he was just joking. He was subsequently cured when he sustained another blow to the head.

He is the only character to appear in every episode.

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