Benny's Funeral
Series 07, Episode 04
Benny's Funeral
Air Date 28 January 2011
Mark(s) Unknown
Writer Chris Bucknall
Previous Clearance From A Deal
Next The Fall of Railton FC

Benny's Funeral is the fourth episode of the seventh series which was first broadcast on 28 January 2011.

Summary Edit

Albert, Mickey, Ash, Sean and Emma pay respects to one of their own when they attend the funeral of a fellow grifter Benny. Benny had a long history with the Hustle gang, having helped Mickey out of a sticky situation many years ago and nearly taking Ash's place in the group.

But it looks like Benny's days of the long con aren't actually over as it becomes clear that Benny is very much alive. Benny reveals he had to fake his own death as he had run up a large debt with a violent gangster called Danush, nicknamed 'The Dentist' on account of his favourite hobby of extracting teeth from those who don't pay up. The team help out an old grifter and formulate a plan when they find out Danush is having trouble with his cigarette supplier...