Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding

Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding run a company called City Prime Associates in London specialising in intellectual property; trademarks, patents, and copyrights usually for high-end technology. Wood is the business brain, who studied corporate law, and Fielding does the technical stuff after a course in science and engineering (Although he has commonly demonstrated a lack of common sense, such as failing to realise that the PR company the gang claimed to represent never existed beyond their con), the two joining forces a year and a half before the gang confronted them. Their typical business strategy consists of acquiring a new product, stealing the idea, selling it on through a smaller company, and then selling the small company to make themselves a fortune.

When Paul Fowler approached them about a plan he had for a high-end security system that would prevent any painting from being stolen, they set up another company to sell the idea as their own, the subsequent court case ruining the family and driving Paul to suicide. Posing as a PR company, Mickey and Emma tricked Wood and Fielding into agreeing to show their faith in the security system by installing it on a painting and not insuring the painting against theft. They subsequently pretended to steal the painting- in reality erecting a fake wall over the area where the painting was hanging as the system itself was impenetrable-, refusing to reveal where the painting had gone until they returned the patent for the security system to Paul Fowler's widow.

After they were conned by the group, they returned in the Series Five finale trying to set up a situation where they could con the group out of their money in revenge, but the attempt was a complete failure from the beginning as Fielding had tried to find previous marks of the group by posting an ad in the paper. Having seen the ad, Mickey subsequently hired various other grifters to participate in the 'plot' by posing as fake marks and allowing them to take back their money, allowing the plan to continue simply for the thrill of seeing their faces when they realised what had happened.

Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding appear within New Recruits and The Road Less Travelled.