Danny Blue
Aliases Danny
Occupation Grifter
Series information
First Seen The Con is On
Episode count 24
Portrayer Marc Warren

Danny Blue is a fictional character in the popular BBC television show Hustle. He is played by Marc Warren.

Background Edit

Danny grew up in a family of career criminals, when he was 17, his uncle used him as a lookout while he and his crew robbed a casino in Windsor. They cleaned the place out. It was a professional job and they took the CCTV tapes with them. Although after watching them go in and out of prison throughout his youth he ran away, determined not to go straight, but to be a better criminal. Escaping to London, he became a master "dip", then moved up to the short con and mastered that as well. Egotistical and ambitious, Danny is determined not just to be good but to be the best, and sought out the crew of confidence men run by Michael Stone to learn and master the long con.

Personality Edit

The most recent addition to Stone's crew after literally talking his way into the group in the middle of a con in progress, he is a sometimes careless but brilliant con artist said by veteran con artist Albert Stroller to have great "grift sense" and possibly be destined to be the best con artist in the world--something Danny is all too ready to believe, his ego being the greatest weakness he has yet to overcome. In contrast to Mickey's step-by-step planning of the long con, Danny tends to rely more on impulse, most of his cons being based around him establishing the original idea and working towards that goal while compensating for any problems that might arise when they arise, as opposed to Mickey preparing various contingency plans for possible problems.

Danny has displayed a romantic interest in Stacie Monroe pursuing her in series 1, and flirting with her in series 2. This however, seemed to have died down considerably in series 3. Yet, in As One Flew Out, One Flew In, Danny, while on an attempt to become leader of the group, wonders if that will cause Stacie to sleep with him.

In the 4th episode of the first season, Danny kissed Stacie while they were alone in the apartment, but she rejected him. Danny accused her of only having eyes for Mickey, and the pair momentarily fell out. However, they later reconciled in the same episode.

Taking over as Leader and Departure Edit

During Mickey's absence in season 4, Danny took over leadership of the group, and despite hoping to hire a "fit bird" as Mickey's replacement, he eventually gave the go ahead for Billy Bond, a short con artist, who acted very much like Danny had on the first episode, to join instead. Although he lacked Mickey's ability to plan for contingencies, Danny's style of leadership was nevertheless effective; during one con, Danny deliberately discarded a highly expensive bottle of wine by pouring the contents down the sink to convince the mark that their characters had no idea of the value of the wine that was allegedly in the cellar of the house they wanted to trick her into buying.

In the first episode of the fifth series of Hustle, Mickey returned to the UK after losing the money that he had made "selling" the Sydney Opera House. He then returned to London and tried to get his old crew together, yet Albert was locked in prison, Ash had gone solo doing small cons and bets in bars. When Mickey rejoined Ash, he informed him that Danny and Stacie had decided to stay on in the States to pull off some more cons following their success in the fourth series.


In the final episode of the eighth series, Danny returned alongside Stacie, posing as the marks enforcer who was supposed to kill the gang after the con. Because they had prepared for this, the team made it appear that they had all been killed by the enforcer and they were able to get away because of it.

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