Emma Kennedy
Aliases Emma Kennedy
Occupation Grifter
Series information
First Seen New Recruits
Episode count Unknown
Portrayer Kelly Adams

Emma Kennedy is a newcomer to the long con. She joined the crew along with her younger (and less experienced) brother Sean. She posed as a property developer in order to con Mickey and Ash, who were trying to con her believing her to be in the property market, yet it was revealed that the whole event had been set up by Albert so that Mickey could form a new crew.

Mickey was not happy about this, but in the end he and Ash saved Emma and Sean (who posed as her personal assistant) from being attacked by a vengeful mark; they later decided that Emma and her brother could join the crew as the new members to replace Danny and Stacie. Although she claims to be cynical when it comes to romantic matters, she has demonstrated some feelings for Mickey, being apparently jealous when he had dinner with a female detective.

It is known that Emma and Sean had been doing short cons (such as pick-pocketing) since a very early age as they had no other ways of supporting themselves. Their father, Rex, had left them when they were ages 5 and 3 and their mother had died shortley after. They were placed in foster care and they were never in one place for long.

Emma had fallen in love with a boy named Joe Ryan when she was 15 years old. It was revealed that she wanted to marry him and that he was the love of her life. Joe left Emma heartbroken and moved on. She meets him again in the second episode of series 7 "Old Sparks Come New". Her old feelings get drawn back into the equation but in the end she changes her opinion of him when he takes excess amounts of money after recieving a loan payment. 

She is very protective over Sean, as he is of her. It was said that she brought him up when they were younger due to the lack of having parents. Emma and Sean argued over this because she lead him to believe they brought each other up.

Emma also takes up various roles whilst doing a long con. She often wears coloured wigs and uses her sex-appeal to entise marks. She plays receptionists, laywers, girlfriends or wives of the other grifters to make the con seem more convincing and she often has more than one role in each con.

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