Eye of the Beholder
Series 02, Episode 06
Air Date 3 May 2005
Mark(s) Unknown
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous Old Acquaintance
Next Price for Fame

Eye of the Beholder was the sixth and last episode of the second series which aired on the May 3rd 2005.

Synopsis Edit

No one has attempted to steal the crown jewels since Thomas Blood, and no one has ever succeeded. [

Mickey plans to change that, but things are made more difficult by a police team that is currently after Mickey.

Full Plot Edit

Mickey's got a plan and this one is like no other. They're going to steal the Crown Jewels. Initially, the gang assume Mickey is joking - they are not thieves but Mickey asks them to trust him and so they reluctantly agree to the elaborate con. This will be the biggest challenge they'll ever undertake, but Mickey's convinced they're good enough to pull it off...

Posing as a cleaner, Ash gets a job in the gallery where the diamond is going to be exhibited. The news isn't good - it will be virtually impossible to get near the diamond with the level of security. The plan is to cut power for 30 seconds, use the blackout to re-route the CCTV and with all the alarms on the street going off, turn off all the motion detectors. The gang are ready - but so are the police. Surrounding the gallery and desperate to catch Mickey and the gang in the act, the police lie in wait.

The gang are one step ahead and when the police charge into the gallery they discover that the gang have disappeared - and so has the diamond. However, the team are caught by surprise when they arrive home later that night and the police are ready to take them into custody. Will they evade capture and live to con again? Hustle returns for a third series in 2006

Trivia and notes Edit

  • This episode features the final appearance of DS Terri Hodges
  • While driving to the Guildhall Art Gallery the Hustle crew is using a Volkswagen T4 Transporter. Upon  arrival it had transformed into a Mercedes-Benz Vito.