Faking It
Series 01, Episode 02
Hustle Faking It
Air Date 2nd March 2004
Mark(s) Frank Gorley
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous The Con is On
Next Picture Perfect

Faking It was the second episode of the first series which aired on March 29th 2005.

Synopsis Edit

Danny makes a big mistake and blows a con, which makes Mickey question if Danny is right for his crew. Albert is viciously beaten after cheating in a card game and the team decide to wreak revenge the only way that they know how - by playing the long con.

The stakes are higher than normal with Albert out of the picture. Can they pull off the con, or will the Mark, a ruthless and violent person, cause even more harm?

Full Plot Edit

Mickey and the team get a call - Albert's been beaten up. The perpetrator: one Frank Gorley (played by guest star Robert Pugh), a renowned thug, who happens to own a top London casino. Albert picked the wrong man to cheat at cards with. Gorley's a loner with no real vices. It'll be difficult wreaking revenge, but Mickey's not to be deterred. He sends Ash off to find an 'in'. "No-one puts their hands on Albert."

As Ash discovers, it seems their only way 'in' to Gorley is via his laptop. Danny, desperate to prove himself, following his monumental cock-up in an earlier pigeon con, determines to work something out. Using a deft combination of eye drops, sparkling water and car alarms(!), Ash and Danny not only access Gorley's computer, but download its memory too. It's only a couple more short moves before they discover that Gorley is a film fanatic. "Showtime!"Ash calls in several grifters - and favours, Stacie recreates herself as the new Audrey Hepburn and Danny asks Mickey for his promised chance to be the 'Insideman'. Once everything's in place, Mickey gives Danny his final words of wisdom: "Eyes are the window to the soul Danny…. Look in his eyes, think like he thinks…" Then, posing as American film producer, Jason Elliott, Danny tips up at Gorley's hotel in a flashy car, 'borrowed' in Mickey's own inimitable way.

An intrigued Gorley can hardly wait to meet his movie hotshot guest, and invites Danny along for a drink that very night. He's soon introduced to Danny's fellow 'producers', Mickey and Ash, and between them they convince Gorley to invest in a quick scam, involving extras agencies. Having already read up about Jennifer Cole 'the new Hepburn of the movie world', Gorley's very excited to meet her on the set of her latest film. Of course - to any of us - Jennifer looks remarkably like Stacie in an elaborate costume, but Gorley's none the wiser...The deal goes ahead and Gorley makes £10,000 profit in half an hour. It's not long before they pull him in for the big con - investing £200,000 in Jennifer Cole's big movie deal in Asia. Gorley's not keen at first but a quick 'reminder' from Danny of James Cagney's vaudeville training and Gorley's convinced. The deal goes ahead and Gorley hands over a banker's draft for £200,000 - just leaving the team to 'blow him off'.

As Danny prepares for his first 'shoot-out', everyone's nervous, but no-one has guessed quite how far Gorley's prepared to go to impersonate his screen idol, Cagney, and it lands one of the team in hospital with Albert. However, revenge is ultimately sweet - but what is Albert's

Trivia and notes Edit

  • If a con is big enough, sometimes a crew will use Extras for small minor roles. This is very similar to how Extras are used in movies and television. Extras are typically made up of friends and unemployed con men and their role is to add small nuances to the con in order to make it more believable.
  • For example, in this episode an Extra is used to ask Stacie/Jenny for her autograph and another Extra is used to hand off the money to Danny/Jason for the Convincer.

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