Georgina Althorp (played by Angela Griffin), born Gail Latter, is the head of loan company Dosh4You.

Born in a run-down suburb of Sulihull to Horace and Doris Latter, she was educated at the local comprehensive school but left as soon as she could. She never saw her parents after a family feud where she bought their own council house and then evicted them from it - never even attending their funerals - changing her name by deed poll in 1996.

She began by selling double-glazing, then moving into properties and mortgages before settling in loans. She trained in night school as a lawyer before qualifying in 1998, establishing Do$h4You during the start of the recession, three years before the gang encountered her. The company possesses a ridiculously high - although legal - interest rate in the fine print of the contracts; most people who asked for loans from her ended up losing their homes after putting them up as collateral for the loan because they couldn't keep up the repayments - Althorp refusing to allow extensions even in such cases as a parent's request to remain in their house for the last few weeks of their ill baby daughter's life - often sending in officials to forcibly evict people from their homes when the deadlines expired.

She caught the gang's attention when Joe Ryan, an old boyfriend of Emma Kennedy, fell victim to her scam. Recognizing that her actions reflected a strong desire to be someone else beyond her poor beginnings, the gang tricked her into believing that they could sell her a valuable manor house that was actually a public tourist attraction, tricking her into buying the manor on a fake contract where she only paid a pound on paper while actually giving them over £500,000 after claiming that the owner was nearing bankruptcy. After she was discovered by the returning tourists, the gang confronted her in her office, returning the money she'd paid for the castle in the form of the single pound she'd paid them in the contract, countering her protests by pointing out that she was simply on the receiving end of the same scam she'd always performed on others.

She appears with "Old Sparks Come New".