Jonathan Mortimer-Howe was the target of a side-con that Albert essentially performed by himself.

An arrogant wealthy man, Howe sought the prestige of a knighthood without any real interest in doing anything other than throwing money at the problem, prompting Albert to target him as a potential mark before the rest of the gang chose to con Veronica Powell- the new owner of a nursing home where Eddie, the team's favourite barman, had placed his father before Powell took over- instead. However, while keeping Howe 'warm', Albert came up with a plan to use him for their mutual benefit; having conned Powell into paying over £600 000 for a relatively worthless house, Albert, posing as a Washington diplomat looking at the knighthood committee, told Howe that Parliament intended to make care for the elderly a prime concern for the future, encouraging Howe to buy the nursing home and improve it so that Albert could put in a good word for him with the right people.