Kasey Bond was the niece of Eddie, the team's favourite barman.

Although she lived in Liverpool, Kasey came down to London to apply for a modelling job with Model Devotion, an agency run by Wendy Stanton, only to be left feeling humiliated when Stanton sent her away even after taking £900 that Kasey's grandmother had left her to allegedly create a portfolio for Kasey. After Eddie asked the group for their help to pay Stanton back for hurting Kasey like that, they not only conned Stanton out of £100 000 in revenge, but also arranged for Kasey to get a new, fairer modelling contract with Betty Greenacre, Stanton's old partner and current rival; Ash recorded Stanton's attempts to 'sell' Kasey to Mickey's current identity as a candidate for his campaign and subsequently passed the information on to Greenacre, having met Greenacre while posing as an industrial espionage agent. .

At the case's conclusion, Kasey left London for a calendar shooting in the Canary Islands that would earn her £500 a week.