Kulvinder Samar

Kulvinder Samar is a greedy and very wealthy businessman. He owns and runs a network of small factories making counterfeit designer clothes (sweatshops in other words). He appears in "A Bollywood Dream".

When he was younger he wanted to become a Bollywood actor, but was denied by his domineering father. Still, he maintains a passionate interest in Bollywood films, which provides the way in for the crew, who pretended to be producing a Bollywood film that they needed his financial backing for.

Although the plan initially appeared to be successful, Samar revealed to Danny as they were driving away from a dinner with the rest of the group that he had realised that the group were con-men based on the fact that the entire situation was too perfect; as a man who strived for perfection himself, he knew how hard it was to achieve, and also recognised the implausibility of him being miraculously 'dropped' into this kind of situation.

However, a car accident that occurred while Danny was distracted when talking with Samar resulted in Samar being stricken with amnesia, prompting Mickey to decide to try and attempt the con again, but this time making it more 'flawed' (As an example, where Stacie's character had originally been a graduate from the school of dramatic arts in Pune, she was now a graduate of a small-scale acting college Samar wouldn't have heard of). Although the con appeared to be progressing well, the gang suffered a crisis of conscience when the now-amnesic Samar appeared to have a change of heart from his old ways, prompting them to call the con off and claim that a fire had destroyed their productin equipment (Although a brief comment Samar made in a Bollywood-based musical scene suggested that he had actually regained his memory and had been intending to catch the gang in the act if they had continued with the con).