Lucy Britford- known mockingly to the team as Lucy Bitchface- was a DCI who took an interest in the gang's activities.

In her first encounter with Mickey, she had dinner with him to 'warn' him that she was aware of his next con, knowing that he would take her knowledge of his activities as a challenge and confident that she could outsmart him. However, when she attempted to arrest Mickey after meeting his mark- an ex-banker who had made his money in a pension scheme-, Mickey's briefcase only contained folders offering pension advice; the actual scam had been carried out behind Britford's back.

Although she did not appear personally, Britford was able to trap the gang when she contacted a friend of hers who worked for MI6, leaving a recorded video message to inform the gang of her role in their capture. Although Britford's friend attempted to blackmail the gang into robbing a bank to recover various diamonds that a captured terrorist had left there while also suggesting that they rob the bank vault for themselves- intending to betray the gang to the police-, the plan fell apart when the gang not only refused to rob the vault due to their 'non-thief' status, but also recorded the MI6 agent discussing her plans with Mickey, allowing him to blackmail her into letting them go.