Marcus Wendell is the owner of a casino, whose ancestor kicked Albert's great-grandfather Charlie Stroller off his first casino steamboat. Wendell's most significant feature is his habit of taking photographs of people he finds cheating at his casinoes and subsequently sending those photos to all other major financial institutions, thus putting grifters out of business as they are now incapable of scamming anyone. Although Wendell claims that he only ever goes after grifters, he has been shown to throw people out of his casino on relatively flimsy excuses; on one occasion he apparently threw a teacher out simply because she knocked over a pile of casino chips.

The group confronted Wendell when Albert agreed to play him in a game on the original wheel where his ancestor had been playing when he was kicked out of Wendell's original casino; if Albert won by breaking the casino's bank, Wendell would take down the picture of Charlie Stroller, but if Wendell won, their pictures would be sent to every other institution in the world and their careers as grifters over. The group decided to take up Wendell's challenge based on their assessment of him as an arrogant and vain man with a signfiicant inferiority complex, recognising that he mainly wanted to defeat the gang so that he would have a tale to tell to his own children as he couldn't live up to his ancestors' reputations so far.

Although Marcus apparently saw through the group's attempts to set up a fake auction and sell him a rigged wheel by planting various agents to observe the team, forcing the group to play him in a legitimate casino game rather than the rigged one they had been planning, Albert was able to convince Wendell to play a second game even when Albert was down to his last £100 chip. During this second game, Albert managed to easily prevail over Wendell, simultaneously colouring his reputation by suggesting in front of his customers that he accused all of his big winners of cheating.

After the group had won, Albert revealed that the original Wheel had actually been rigged through a complex system of gears that the Wendells ahd been able to manipulate; Charlie Stroller had simply seen through the deception and been set up as the original cheat accordingly. The entire scam had simply been set up to give Wendell an interesting story to satisfy his ego and allow him to feel that he was beating them at their own game.