Series 02, Episode 04
Hustle Missions
Air Date 12 April 2005
Mark(s) Samantha Phillips
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous The Lesson
Next Old Acquaintance

Missions was the fourth episode of the second series which aired on April 19th 2005.

Synopsis Edit

The team's plan to con an auction house with a comic book forgery goes awry when a corrupt cop decides she wants in.

Meanwhile, Stacie develops a friendship with a comic fan who wants the comic for himself.

Full Plot Edit

The team's plan to con an auction house with a comic book forgery goes awry when corrupt copper, Sam Phillips (played by Fay Ripley), decides she wants in on the play. Dodgy detective Sam is determined to blackmail bar owner, Eddie (played by Rob Jarvis), into grassing up the team or face losing his licence - or worse, jail. Eddie is forced into choosing between his friends and his livelihood, and is racked with guilt when he gives into the corrupt copper.

Sam barges in on Mickey and Danny to discover they're working on a big scam. Sam wants in and if they won't make her a partner, she'll arrest them. The team have recently bought original Black Storm comic book artwork at an auction which they are having forged - they'll use the original to fool the auction house expert but will switch it for the forgery before the sale and then go on to sell the real artwork to a collector for a tidy sum. Stacie ropes in Neil (played Kieran Bew), the first rival collector; a comic book fan and real geek.

Albert works on the second collector, Gideon (played by Mark Tandy); an art snob and complete bore. Meanwhile Ash rigs the CCTV so Mickey and Danny can make the switch without being seen. However, once inside the auction house, the plan starts to go pear-shaped. The gang spot someone they attempted and failed to con in the past, so it's too dangerous for them to show their faces. Sam volunteers to submit the artwork herself and with absolute delight, she pockets the bankers draft and leaves the team behind. Have the con artists finally met their match or can they outsmart her?