Old Acquaintance
Series 02, Episode 5
Air Date 26 April 2005
Mark(s) Jake Henry
Writer ulie Rutterford
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Old Acquaintance was the fifth episode of the second series which aired on the April 26th 2005.

Synopsis Edit

Stacie's ex-husband reappears in London after clearing out her apartment, leaving her with only a cactus, mouldy cheese, and a Phil Collins CD that wasn't even hers.

The gang decide that revenge is best served cold and attempt to take his money in a rigged game of poker, but will Stacie fall for him again?

Full Plot Edit

When Stacie claps eyes on her estranged husband Jake (played by Max Beesley), who left her five years ago taking everything she owned with him, she's certain he is to be the gang's next mark. Having graduated from the short con world to the professional poker circuit, he's good and he won't be an easy target. But the team swear to exact revenge on him for Stacie. Albert introduces himself to Jake, explaining that he's organised a high stakes game with some big name players, and he wants to take a Daddy's boy - aka Danny in disguise - for everything he's got.

The game isn't enough to keep Jake in town though, but as he gets up to leave, he sees Stacie with Mickey, an old enemy. It's clear they've made a cosy life together and he is riled by it. He tries to explain to Stacie that he didn't just walk out; he was in real trouble and his life was in danger. Mickey can feel the chemistry is still there between Stacie and Jake and is concerned that Stacie may be falling for her ex again.

Jake finally agrees to take part in the poker game and it's not long before the first two players are out of the game. However, Jake proves harder to beat than the gang initially thought and Stacie seems to let her conscience get the better of her and secretly tells Jake that he's being set up. As Jake cleans the gang out, Stacie leaves with him. Is Stacie really prepared to leave her friends for love? Or has she really got another card up her sleeve?