Picasso Finger Painting
Series 08, Episode 02
Air Date 20 January 2012
Mark(s) Petre Sava & Harry Holmes
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous Gold Finger
Next Curiosity caught the Kat

Picasso Finger Painting is the second episode of the Eighth series which will be broadcast on the BBC on the 20th of January 2012.

Summary Edit

Ash and Mickey have tried to capitalise on the theft of a rare Picasso by selling a fake to a well-known collector, Petre Sava (Peter Polycarpou). But it was Sava who owned the stolen original, and now he thinks Mickey and Ash were behind the theft.

Sava has taken Mickey prisoner, and Ash and the others have just a few hours to find the real stolen painting and return it. If they don't, then Mickey is a dead man.