Rhona Christie MP is a career politician. She took a marginal seat promising to speak up for the man and woman in the street although has become someone of influence in the construction industry. She appears in "Politics".

She picks projects to fast track and then makes them happen bypassing planners and environmentalists and has a lot of influence. She can therefore turn a worthless property into prime real estate, taking bribes from property developers to de-list buildings.

She attracted the gang's attention when they were contacted by a man who ran a youth centre for troubled teens in a building that Christie had just de-listed (Their previous con had involved them posing as a legal firm and he came into their fake office before they could close up). With Sean inserted into her office as her new research assistant, they established her method of carrying out dodgy deals by having Albert pose as reclusive property billionate J.J. Crane and tricking her into paying them £100 000 for land they didn't own, they then tricked her into incriminating herself by making her think that Crane's wife and lawyer were having an affair and recording her attempts to blackmail them as she explained how they could pay for her to keep their secret, forcing her to abandon her plans for the club in exchange for their silence.