Sam Richards was a bank robber who appeared in "Cops and Robbers".

His father owned a diamond-cutting business that had been in the family for at least three generations, but the rise in business of other companies with more expensive equipment forced his father to take out a loan with Moore's Bank, using the most valuable diamond he possessed as collateral. When the loan expired and he still couldn't pay, Richards' father, unable to face the shame of letting his family down, shot himself in the head, Richards witnessing it as he came home.

When he became an adult, Richards began to rob the various branches of Moore's Bank, determined to both recover what they owed his family and recover the diamond that they had taken from him. Although Victor Maher, the head of security for the bank, tried to use Mickey to set a trap for Richards by blackmailing him over a tape he had acquired of Danny's involvement in an old casino robbery- really intending to trap both Richards and Mickey-, the plan failed when Mickey's team became involved after Mickey learned Richards' story; they tricked Maher into opening the vault by setting up a fake vault and rerouting the camera feed, leaving Maher running around the bank while Stacie and Danny, dressed as security guards, broke into the vault and recovered the diamond.