Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy
Aliases Sean Kennedy
Occupation Grifter
Series information
First Seen New Recruits
Episode count
Portrayer Matt Di Angelo

Sean first appeared posing as a PA to his sister Emma while they tried to pull a con on Mickey and Ash, who were actually trying to con him and Emma believig them to be in the property market. It was revealed that the whole event had been set up by Albert so that Mickey could form a new crew together. (Season 5 Episode 1).

Mickey was not happy about this, but in the end he and Ash saved Sean and Emma from being attacked by a vengeful mark, and later decided that Emma and Sean could join the crew as the new members to replace Danny and Stacie. Unlike previous 'junior members' Danny and Billy Sean has never shown any specific desire to replace or equal the current leader, being content with his current role in regular schemes; although he attempted to take control on two occasions, the first time he acted alone was part of the plan for a larger-scale con, while the second attempt was based around his desire for revenge against the father who had abandoned him and Emma when they were children. Also unlike Danny and Billy- who 'gravitated' towards the gang's leader as a 'mentor' figure-, Sean has shown a closer bond with Ash than Mickey, Ash giving Sean lessons in various short-con antics, such as pick-pocketing.

Sean has demonstrated a surprisingly good memory even when drunk, recalling elaborate details about the group's current marks despite having drunk a large amount of alcohol on his first grift with the gang, with Mickey describing him as possessing "an impressive ability to absorb and apply new information", allowing him to neatly assume various complicated roles for the con when the situation requires it, although he lacks the ability to make the sheer intuitive leaps that Mickey or Danny have demonstrated.