The Hustle
Stacie Monroe
Stacie Monroe.jpg
Aliases Stacie Monroe
Occupation Grifter
Series information
First Seen The Con is On
Episode count 25
Portrayer Jaime Murray

Stacie Monroe is a character in the British television series Hustle played by Jaime Murray. Stacie is the only female member of a team-cum-family of "long con" artists.


She was married to a short-con artist, Jake Henry (Max Beesley). Stacie became a grifter through him. They both worked together playing the short con 'The Badger' which involves Stacie playing the working girl who would pick up a mark, and then Jake would burst in as the irate pimp or boyfriend and threaten to tell the mark's wives.

Stacie and Jake were married for several years but the marriage ended after he left her, taking their house and money, leaving her with nothing more than a mouldy piece of cheese, a Phil Collins CD and a cactus (her ex appears as the subject of a con during the second series).

It is suggested that she once had a romantic relationship with the group's leader, Michael Stone. Michael helped her after Jake left her. One first season episode also suggested a possible attraction to the newest member of the group, Danny Blue (this theme continued in the second season episode "Confessions" in which the two pretend to be engaged). The third episode of the third season reveals that she has a high level of mathematical ability, as she is shown calculating a high square root value in her head.

In creating the series, Tony Jordan realised that the principal characters could not have any friends or family outside the crew and therefore sought to create a nominal family with Stacie providing the role of substitute mother/wife. However, in the second series, the crew help Danny's grandmother, and in the third series they con a newspaper editor because he inadvertently caused a friend of Stacie's to attempt suicide.

Position in the crew[]

Her official role is the banker and she has sole control and responsibility for the crew's finances. During the cons themselves, she usually takes on a variety of roles depending on need, ranging from a sultry vamp to a nerdy museum keeper, in order to help weave the web of deception. Her sex appeal is often brought into play as a distraction, though she is often hesitant to rely upon it.


In the first episode of the fifth series of Hustle, Mickey returned to the UK after losing the money he had made 'selling' the Sydney Opera House. He then returned to London and tried to get his old crew together, yet Albert was locked in prison and Ash had gone solo doing small cons and bets in bars. When Mickey rejoined Ash, he informed him that Danny and Stacie had decided to stay on in the states to pull off some more cons following their success in the fourth series.


Stacie returned in the last episode of Season Eight posing as the accountant for the team's current mark, Madani Wasem, a multi-millionaire with a ruthless reputation; the gang were acting as stock market workers who had an 'in' which would allow them to predict future stock developments, and Stacie had been intending to skim a few thousand off Wasem's investment before she learned that her old friends were involved. When Wasem attempted to hire an enforcer to kill the team, Stacie played a key role in saving their lives by switching the enforcer's number with a phone number for Danny, allowing the team to fake their deaths.

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