The Henderson Challenge
Series 03, Episode 02
Air Date 17 March 2006
Mark(s) None
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous Price for Fame
Next Ties That Bind Us

The Henderson Challenge was the second episode of the third series which aired on March 17th 2006.

Synopsis Edit

Flaws are revealed in the gang's leadership as the rivalry between Mickey and Danny escalates. To solve this dilemma, Albert suggests the "Henderson Challenge".

Dropped naked in the middle of London and given six hours to grift as much money as possible, it becomes a test of pure grifting skill between Danny and Mickey, with Stacie helping Danny while Ash works with Mickey (Leaving Albert to demonstrate minor cons to Eddie).

Full Plot Edit

The power struggle between Mickey and Danny is as fierce as ever and shows no signs of abating. Both of them claim to be the best man to lead the team, and no amount of arguing is going to settle the dispute. In an attempt to end the bickering, Albert offers a possible solution. He suggests they take on an old American grifter's settlement - The Henderson Challenge.

It's the greatest test of grifter skill ever devised. As naked as the day they were born, Mickey and Danny are dropped in the middle of London. Armed only with their skills and charm, they are given six hours to collect as many valuables as they can and get back to their meeting point. Whoever's haul has the highest monetary value wins - as simple as that. Ash is assigned to Mickey while Stacie can assist Danny - but neither of them can suggest cons. Flying by the seat of his pants - once he manages to find some - Danny's rapid-fire short cons leave his marks astounded. While Mickey, with his long con specialist skills is quietly confident.

The bets are on and the odds are stacked in Mickey's favour, but Danny has a few tricks up his newly acquired sleeve. And the fact that Mickey's sense of fair play has lead him to declare he will walk away from the group if he loses and leave Danny in charge, means big changes could be ahead for the group.