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The Hustle gang refers to the main team of grifters at the heart of the show who take on greedy marks by using the long con. Generally regarded as the most skilled grifters in London, the team have regularly targeted the more dangerous marks that have already fooled or defeated other con artists, although they tend to avoid targeting associates of the Mafia or other major crime organisations due to the risks involved if they are discovered.

Their primary rule when preparing cons is that they never cheat honest men, both for the practical reason that dishonest men will be less inclined to over-analyse the fake deals that they are offering and also due to team leader Michael Stone's primary motivation for becoming a grifter; after watching his father die shortly before fulfilling his dream of retirement while doing exactly what society expected, Mickey was left with a refusal to conform and a strong distaste for those who abuse the system for their own ends, choosing marks that the team have reason to dislike to ensure that their cons are never solely about the money that they will earn if the scam succeeds.

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  • Eddie (Bar-owner; unofficial team member)
  • Kat Farmer (One-time team member)
  • Trevor Speed (Apparent new member; really recruited as part of a con against him)