The Last Gamble
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 30 March 2004
Mark(s) Sir Anthony Reeve
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous A Touch of Class
Next Gold Mine

The Last Gamble was the sixth and last episode of the first series which aired on March 30th 2004.

Synopsis Edit

Mickey and the crew picks a greedy fat-cat as their mark for one of the oldest, most ambitious cons - 'the wire', using the marks two secret weaknesses - gambling and prostitutes.

However the situation is complicated by a previous mark who seeks payback for them claiming to sell him the London Eye.

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Mickey and Danny complete their deal on the 'sale' of the London Eye. Fairground owner, Arthur Bond (played by Philip Jackson), is chuffed with his new star attraction, a bargain at a few thousand quid! Mickey and Danny are happy too - it's another easy con, another job done. Onto their next mark: Anthony Reeve (played by David Haig), a greedy fat cat who's just got the cream with a golden handshake worth £½ million. A secret gambler and a weakness for prostitutes: the team have their 'in'. Reeves is the perfect bait for 'the wire'. But ..."No-one's worked the wire in a hundred years".

However, not a team to turn down a challenge, Ash sets up a fake gambling club ('the big store') where the races are delayed by a vital couple of minutes so they see the results before the punter. Fill the club with grifters posing as customers and who'd spot the difference? Albert's already befriended Reeves through his gentleman's club, so it's just a case of offering him the bait. Enter Danny, as a rogue nephew with insider racing knowledge. A winning tip impresses Reeves (played by David Haig) and Stacie's killer charm as girlfriend 'Yvonne' soon has him chomping at the bit.

Time to reel him in. When Danny 'confides' that Yvonne, actually a high class escort, can provide names of the winning horse before a race is even run, Reeves wants in. Danny offers to show him his private gambling club, where the bets have no limits.At the club, the team are all in place: Mickey's the Manager, Ash the man behind the counter, while Albert and Stacie keep tabs in the back office. The plan goes sweetly with Reeves winning £72,000 on a race. Danny and Stacie help him celebrate, but Reeves is cautious - he wants to try another race before betting big. The team are forced to block him out. Danny takes Reeves (played by David Haig) back to the club, Stacie calls with the winner's name, but they run the race just as Reeves tries to place the bet. He's too late. Watching the horse romp home he can't believe he's missed out.

Its the next day and it's time for the big one."It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, sir. It's now or never."Stacie makes the call to Reeves who bets £1/2 a million on the horse to win. When the horse only comes third she claims she told Reeves to place the bet not to win. He's distraught but it's too late to get his money back. To add salt to his wounds, he's besieged by 'journalists' interrogating him about his golden handshake and gambling habit. Reeves makes a hasty retreat, a beaten (and broken) man.As the team celebrate, gunshots are heard. It's Arthur Bond, demanding the London Eye money he was scammed. It's simple: pay up or get killed. They look from one to the other: any bright ideas?...

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