Ties That Bind Us
Series 03, Episode 03
Hustle Ties That Bind Us
Air Date 24 March 2006
Mark(s) Charles and Quentin Cornfoot
Writer Steve Coombes
Previous The Henderson Challenge
Next A Bollywood Dream

Ties That Bind Us was the third episode of the third series which aired on March 24th 2006.

Synopsis Edit

The crew assist American con artist James Whitaker Wright III, descendant of the legendary James Whitaker Wright I, by setting up the fake company, "Chad Mining" in order to crash the bank that destroyed his great-grandfather.

However, have the crew forgotten how cunning "JW3" is?

Full Plot Edit

There's a new grifter in town and he's in search of a great crew. This stranger turns out to be the grandson of the legendary 19th Century American con artist James Whittaker Wright (JW1), who made a fortune flogging fake gold mines on the stock market by using Cornfoots Merchant Bank. When JW1's fortune became too much for the bank, they turned on him and left him to die penniless.

His grandson, James Whittaker Wright III - JW3 (played by Richard Chamberlain) has come to avenge his death. Initially wary, the Hustle crew accept the challenge - bringing down a greedy bank and outwitting a fellow grifter is far too tempting. With the gang's expertise, they're going to take Quenton (played by Stephen Campbell Moore) and Charles Cornfoot (played by Terence Harvey) down. Danny poses as a brash city entrepreneur eager to float his mining company on the stock market, whilst Stacie plays a market analyst working on the inside.

Having agreed to set up the flotation, the Cornfoots employ a Dutch oil consultant (Ash) to fuel rumours about the company's impending success and start selling shares to JW3 and Albert, their newly found investors. Danny irritates the Cornfoots to the point of no return - they turn sour and plot his downfall. Fully prepared, the team up their game, but whilst their attention is focussed on the marks, they forget just how devious JW3 is. He's sure to double cross them; it's not a matter of if, but when. After all, the greatest con of all is to con another grifter.

Trivia and notes Edit

  • Richard Chamberlain guest stars in this episode.