Tiger Troubles
Series 06, Episode 03
Hustle Tiger Troubles
Air Date 18 January 2010
Mark(s) Unknown
Writer Chris Bucknall
Previous The Thieving Mistake
Next Father of Jewels

Tiger Troubles is the third episode of the sixth series which was first broadcast on 18 January 2010.

Summary Edit

Albert is in Chinatown to close a deal with Phil and his brother-in-law, Czech Charlie. Charlie is a notorious hard-man and not one to consider conning, so when Phil collapses and dies, Albert decides to cut his losses and leave the con.

But Charlie isn't pulling out– he wants the cash from his brother's 'original investment' by the end of the week or else-, forcing Sean to suggest a con involving aging playboy Luke Baincross and a jewel-encrusted tiger that his ancestors' will prevents the mark from selling.