Veronica Powell is the owner of Morecombe Hall Nursing Home, who has made most of her money in property. The nursing home was family run for 12 years, but bought (six months ago) by Veronica Powell. After running it for two months she decided to whack up the fees and four months after that the fees have trebled from when she first took over. The elderly residents have to sell their property to pay for it although she convinces them to sell through her own auction house. She forgets to invite any serious bidders, buys the lot herself for next to nothing, and sells them on later. She also gets back her money when she collects the fees for the nursing home. She is also a real wine buff and will happily pay thousands to add the right vintage to her collection.

Veronica was brought to the gang's attention when she bought out Morecombe Hall, the retirement home where Eddie- the owner of Eddie's bar, which the group regularly frequented- had recently placed his father, the group concluding that her scam gave honest grifters a bad name and left them obligated to take her down on principle. Although Veronica had all bottles of wine tested when purchasing them after a recent grifting experience some months ago where someone tried to sell her fake wine, Danny was convinced that her wine collection was the way to scam her. Having spent practically everything the group had to buy a rare bottle of wine worth just under half a million at an auction, Danny tricked Veronica into thinking that a fake home they were using- Albert posing as the homeowner with Stacie as his daughter and Danny her husband- had multiple boxes filled with the same wine in the basement while the owners were totally ignorant of its worth (To the extent that Danny poured the entire bottle down the sink in front of Veronica, giving her the chance to take it for analysis).

Having tested the bottle, Veronica spent over £600 000 to buy the house- thanks to Billy posing as another bidder to increase the price-, only to learn that the actual wine was relatively worthless. Although they didn't need to see her after the scam had concluded, the team deliberately waited outside the house so that they could confront her with what they had done after she learned the real value of the wine in the basement, smugly pointing out to her that she could do nothing to pay them back for what they had done to her while they had acquired her money relatively legally. The Hall was subsequently sold to pay off Veronica's debt, with Albert arranging for the wealthy Jonathan Mortimer-Howe to buy it after convincing Howe that it would help him receive a knighthood.